Introduction to Anti-Aging and Wellness

By Katrina Valente

"I created these 9 video Masterclasses Series for women who want to know how to take care of themselves at any age. "

Being in the beauty anti-aging industry for 25 years I do feel it is time for me to empart my knowledge to you all and help you live your best life.

It's a holistic approach on how to use different modalities to get the best out of yourself & Your life

Be fit and healthy no matter what age you are.

  • You will know a lot more about how to take care of yourself at home and why certain products and holistic therapies will enhance your life to be the best "YOU" possible.

  • You will know which products to buy so you don't make any more mistakes.

  • How to mix essential oils for your face and body.

  • What colours do for you.

  • How you can get the best of your emotional state at all times.

  • Why superfoods can boost your energy levels and what ones are best for glowing skin

  • Why botox and filler can enhance your looks

  • Why and how detoxing is so important.


Complimentary 30mins consultation with me when you access the course

30 Mins Bonus Session with me

And more...!

  • 30 Mins Consultation with Me

    Complimentary once you access the course

  • Wellness Quiz

    I will check your results and get back to you with feedback

  • Detox Masterclass

    How to Detox to get real results and crush does myths


“I have been a regular client of Katrina Valente for over 15 years. She is the best esthetician in the region. I am 54 years old and my skin looks 20 years younger. She uses the best products in the market and always gives well-researched advice on how to keep young, glowing, skin. She also takes every precaution when it comes to hygiene. I know I am in very safe hands.”

Gail Clough - The Laughter Factory

“With Katrina my experience of a facial was beyond the traditional facial experience. It’s a full package which brought every time deep relaxation, release of stress with her face massage and reflexology. The protocole she used for me always respects my skin and my high sensitivity which I highly appreciate, it’s a true expertise . My skin has been under her care for many years and loving it .”

Karine Baily Mills - Philantropist

“I have known Katrina for over 20years and then never looked back. I give her every credit for every compliment I receive. State of the art and cutting edge technology and skin care and holistics!! Katrina is one step ahead!!”

Preeti Pawani - Business Women / Artist

“"Katrina Valente has been my therapist for over 20 years. She is always updating herself on the latest products that are natural and good for the skin especially for aging skin. She also helps with the emotional side of keeping your body and mind in a good place which helps with health and well being and your inner as well as outer beauty. I truly love her products and have felt they have really improved my skin can explain everything she uses and why which helps me to appreciate the process. " ”

Gail Saab - Business Women